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Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Crafts & Gifts

Right now I just have recipe cards and gift tags for you, but I will be adding more ideas for home-made gifts, crafts, cards, wrapping paper, baskets, make-a-mix, etc.  When you click on the graphics, you’ll see they are actually 300 dpi so you can print in high quality as standard 3.5 x 5 recipe cards.  I named them for people I love, but anyone can use any one they like.


Red Classic – for my son “Christian”

Green – “Emerson”

Pink Victorian Flowers & Bows – for my mom

Pink Gingerbread Classic – for Annie

Pink Vintage – “Pam”

Pink Victorian – “Christine Marie”

Fuschia Classic – “Suzi”

Teal and Chocolate – for Duygu

Teal and Red -with Gingerbread Garland – “Tawnya”

Purple with Gingerbread Garland – for “Kandice”

Purple Classic “Kim”

Pink and Brown with 3D Heart -”Ashely”

Brown and Maroon Classic – for Kutan
Easter – for Lily

Mountain Dew Recipe Card – “Tolga”

– Gift Tags – just print and cut. –

Cats and Junk food – “Dan Sokol”

(who is too busy caring for his 5 cats to worry about cooking, so he obviously didn’t need any room to write a recipe on his recipe card.)